Revolutionizing mental health at work with music.

Isofi improves employees’ performance and resilience using their favourite music supported by 1-1 online sessions with our therapists.

Each employee learns how to use Isofi's therapeutic playlist creation platform, integrated with their streaming music account, to create powerful, evidence-based coping strategies.

Our service develops high engagement with mental health support targeted at those who need it the most. Focused on daily prevention & coping strategies that employees can use during their working day whilst enjoying their own music.

Qualified therapists in 1-1 sessions. Isofi works with specialist Music Therapists who are experienced, fully qualified, insured and accredited within their jurisdictions.

Personalized therapeutic playlists for your workforce created during 1-1 sessions with Music Therapists. Each employee learns how to use their existing music to develop personalised, music playlist-based coping strategies for common stressors, and set goals, in their work and personal lives.

ISO-1 is our powerful AI driven playlist creator tool. Working with Isofi's Music Therapists your employees learn how to create personalised therapeutic playlists. Employees can continue to use Isofi's playlist creator free of charge.

Reporting to track effectiveness. Isofi supply simple anonymised polling tools and regular reporting to track effectiveness and see improvements.

Targeted help supports existing EAP. As a high engagement service Isofi supports your existing Employment Assistance Program.

Supports hybrid and flexible working. The Isofi platform is fully HIPAA/HCPC compliant for remote and in-person sessions supporting hybrid and flexible working patterns.

Business benefits from 1-1 Isofi Music Therapy sessions, targeted at employees who need it the most:

High engagement with mental health support focus on daily prevention & coping strategies through music listening.

A happier workplace lower absenteeism, lower staff retention costs & increased profitability.

More creativity & innovation increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

Meet some of our therapists

Gabrielle Banzon MA, LPMT, MT-BC
Music Therapist (US)
Gabrielle “Gabby” Banzon, MA, LPMT, MT-BC (she/her/hers) is a music therapist and music therapy educator in Georgia. Currently pursuing a PhD at Indiana University -Indianapolis, she holds a Bachelors in Music Therapy with a minor in Creative Music Media/Music Technology from Georgia College & State University and a Masters of Arts in Music Therapy from Texas Woman's University. Gabby has presented and published internationally on songwriting, technology, community, and culture. She also is the founder of the Tech Nook, a collaborative online resource for technology in music therapy.
Bronwyn Parkes
Music Therapist, NMT Certified & Senior Therapist - Referrals, Chroma (UK)
Bronwyn has a diverse and experienced clinical background as a music therapist. She trained in South Africa before moving to the UK to develop her clinical expertise. Bronwyn works alongside Kate and Seren in our referrals team. She talks with case managers, solicitors, schools and hospitals supporting them to access arts therapies for their patients and clients. Bronwyn also completed the Neurologic Music Therapy training in 2017.
Paolo Tomaselli
Music Therapist, Chroma (UK)
Paolo is a qualified Music Therapist from Italy with an international background, having worked in Spain and in the USA prior to moving to the UK. He has worked extensively in the hospital setting, in Palliative Care, Critical Care and Neurorehabilitation. He is an NMT fellow and he has received training in Medical Music Psychotherapy in New York City. Paolo is passionate about combining all of his diverse training and international music experience as a guitar player in his work as a therapist.

The Isofi Team

Erin Seibert MA, MT-BC
Co-founder / Director of Communications & Therapist Liaison Isofi, Music Therapist (US)
Erin has been and integral part ofthe Isofi team since 2019 and has brought together a diverse range of music therapy specialists to help develop our product. Erin is Isofi’s brand ambassador educating the therapeutic community about the power ofisofi. Erin is an MA, MT-BC and has been a practicing Music Therapist for the past 10 years. She has experience working within hospice and palliative care, haematology, oncology, and mental health.
Russell Newell
Founder/CEO, Isofi, (UK)
Russell has been managing technical/creative projects for over 30 years. From tactical campaigns through to program management of $10m+ global enterprise solutions. Russell has a background in digital media and managing digital product development & engineering. He began his career in photography, film, and television and has worked extensively in the music industry on technical and creative projects with a number of high-profile artists and record labels.
Edward Carney
Founder/Investor (UK)
Edward provides guidance and support as investor, from a wealth of commercial instincts and expertise covering all aspects of business. Edward is a highly driven entrepreneur with over 25 years experience. He established one of the UK’s most successful specialist car insurance brokers when he was in his early twenties. Since selling up 15 years ago he has diversified into property and investing. His investing philosophy is long term, 3, 5, forever, years, investing in start-ups and listed companies adopting disruptive technologies and innovation.